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There is a lot of information on the web that talks about the benefits of cherries. As with most things on the Internet shelf we try to sift out the chaff to get down to facts. We have a third party check a representative sample after each harvest to assess if their are any pathogens present...e coli, salmonella, etc. Then our processes attempt to minimize your risks. That is one reason we chose dehydrated products. Finally we package in a sanitary facility.

On the packages labels contain mandatory information as well as how to connect with us. We appreciate your experiences so we can better meet your needs.

The nutrient facts table on each package contains some mandatory information in Canada. The following is the label from a sample of our dehydrated cherries.

nutrition facts

Significant here is the sugar that occurs naturally in dehydrated cherries. It is close to 2/3 so diabetics beware as some are sensitive. Some people still find the product too tart thus it is easy to add sugar, honey, or your favourite sweetener to hot water and in three or four minutes you will have a different product. Only partially rehydrate what you plan on using soon as you have just added the water back that we took out so organisms won't grow as fast. We would suggest you refrigerate what you don't use and use it as soon as possible.

Cherries, especially cherry juice, is claimed to have anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties. Athletes and runners have reported a reduction in muscle fatigue. If you chose to try this option then try our juice at only 1 1/2 oz per day. The juice can be mixed with water or your favourite soft drink or beverage. We are exploring the option of pasteurizing the juice to make a safe product available on your store shelves.

Here are some articles and sites that make claims. But beware...the information you get from the Internet may contain information that is only the opinion of some people. We make no claim that any of it is factual. We are trying to assemble more articles that are scientifically sound. You can help us out here...if you know of an article or web site contact us.

The Internet abounds with information on cherries. Just google cherries.