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About Company

We are located half way between Regina, Saskatoon, and Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan Canada. The pristine prairie environment and research at the University of Saskatchewan allows us to produce some of the tastiest products available.

Our primary product is dehydrated cherries. We do not want you to pay for shipping water. The cherries you take home are exceptional quality. As with most dehydrated fruits you can reconstitute them in your kitchen adding sugar, honey, or sweetener in warm water as you wish or snack on them right out of the bag. We do not add additives...just our love.

Enjoy! And we invite you to tour our site. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Saskatchewan is not a large producer of fruit and will never reach the volumes required by the gigantic food industry but the quality produced for consumers here can be second to none. We invite you to explore our orchard and the magnificent Canada. You will be pleasantly surprised at the abundant quantity of safe, healthy food available for your family.

The cherry varieties we produce have been recently cultivated at the University of Saskatchewan. They are noted for their intense colour and flavour. They are substantially different from the sour cherries available in North America (the most common variety is Montmorency) that is red with a yellow flesh. And they lack our flavour. Look on their ingredients list and you will commonly see "red food dye" which we do not have to add. Europeans and Asians are more familiar with the quality of our cherries. Our dehydrated cherries have no additives like oil or sugar or red dye.

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