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At this time we can only ship to Saskatchewan addresses. So your postal code must begin with an "S". The CCPI membership and the Cook book are exceptions; we can accept any Canadian postal code.

You are responsible for the shipping & handling. That will be added to the cost of product. We ship XpressPost which is not the cheapest but Canada Post claims a maximum of 2 days in Saskatchewan.

We prefer to use the word "dehydrated" as opposed to "dried" cherries. The reason is in our FAQ section just click here. We add nothing; only remove the water. So you are buying only cherries with most of the water sugar or oil. If you want to partially or fully reconstitute the cherries you can soak them in water in which, if you prefer, you can add sugar or other sweetner at home. One pound of our dehydrated cherries is about 7 lbs of pitted cherries.

We want you to have a happy experience and we know our product is good. So we guarantee it 100%. If you are not completely satisfied just take a picture of the product and send it to us. We will completely refund your money less the S&H (as we had to pay it out to a third party) and no questions asked although we would like to know why the product did not meet your expectations. You can keep the used product and we encourage you to try the remainder in another recipe.

60g dehydrated cherries - $4.95
S&H - $11.65
Total - $16.60 


front of bag100g dehydrated cherries - $8.00            100dehy
    S&H - $13.50
    Total - $21.50


500g dehydrated cherries - $25.00           500dehy
    S&H - $16.00
    Total - $41.00

You can see it is much cheaper per gram to order the 500g size. Multiples of these products can be purchased. For example 2 - 500g bags ship for the same amount as one bag. If you want "multiples" then contact us. We want to eliminate as much S&H as possible. You can eliminate all S&H if you pick it up at our farm (email us ahead of coming) or go to one of the fine stores in Saskatchewan. Below we are listing packages you can order online by adding them to your cart and checking out.

60g x60 bags dehydrated cherries in a case - $192.00
    approx. = 41.5x26x22cm
    S&H - $18.00
    Total - $210.00


100g x36 bags dehydrated cherries in a case - $208.80            100dehycase
    approx. = 41.5x26x22cm (16.3x10.2x8.7 inches)

    S&H - $20.18
    Total - 228.98

500g x4 bags dehydrated cherries in a case - $70.00                500dehycase
    approx. = 38.5x27.5x9.5cm (15.2x10.8x3.7 inches)

    S&H - $17.92
    Total - $87.92


TWO 500g bags dedydrated cherries - $50.00                            500dehyx2
    S&H - $16.00
    Total - $66.00

We are proud members of Canadian Cherry Producers Inc (CCPI) and can process your annual membership. Handling charges will offset charges we incur. You can pay for multiple years by increasing the quantity. We will only charge one "handling/shipping". CCPI will contact you within a couple of weeks. We can accept members from across Canada so postal codes do not have to start with an "s".
CCPI membership - $39.00 per year                                   ccpi
    Handling - $5.00
    Total - $44.00

Cherry Recipe Cookbook
    Jam packed with over three hundred cherry recipes this award winning (2013 Goumand award) cookbook should inspire the cooking talents of most. We can accept orders from across Canada so postal codes do not have to start with an "s". This cook book is also available at the University of Saskatchewan Bookstore and more information can be accessed by clicking here or the bookstore.
cookbook cover

Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, and MB)
Cherry cookbook - $20.00 Online Special $17.95
  S&H - $13.50
    Total - $31.45

The rest of Canadian postal regions (ON and east & north of Western Canada).

Cherry cookbook -$20.00 Online Special $17.95
    S&H - $19.80
    Total - $37.75

Tips for the cart:

    - you can "edit cart" once you go to "checkout" to delete an item or change the quantity
    - you can minimize the pop up window by clicking the "shopping cart" tab at the top of the window
    - the correct format for the postal code is S, number (it is a zero not a letter O), capital letter; space, number, capital letter, number (ie- S0G 2J0)although the form will accept lower case. I find entering a postal code is simplier in this or other programs if you turn the "caps lock" key on (don't forget to turn it off). Entering a postal code from a mobile phone can be a pain.
    - you can leave fields blank if it doesn't apply; like "apt/suite"
    - nothing is complete until you enter the card information and click "order now"
    - keep the quantity at 1 for all items; except the CCPI membership can be more.
    - if you make a mistake we will refund your money although you have to let us know. We will review each order to ensure you get the cheapest S&H
    - FIXED: Online security should not be taken lightly. If a site is asking for confidential information look in the address bar at the top of your browser and it should begin with "https". The "s" indicates you are on a secure site. If you are unsure or the "s" is absent then do not send confidential information like your credit card numbers over the Internet. On our site when you click "Proceed to Checkout" you will go to "https..." before you send any confidential information. The entire site can be accessed with HTTPS however it is not necessary as you are not sending any information over the Internet. If you have been to a site before refresh (or F5) to get the most current page.

- HEARTBLEED virus: We contacted our host, PAIR, and their support claimed "That particular server is listed as running FreeBSD 8.2 AMD64, so you were never vulnerable to the problem."